Social Distancing – Tools to Help Promote Social Distancing in the Office

Pre-COVID, professionals piled city centers to have everything they needed as close to them as possible. Shared offices and apartments offered versatile amenities for city dwellers. Mixed-use buildings and hostels were also on the rise. But the pandemic came and put everything to a halt. With the need for social distancing, everything took a sharp u-turn. 

All in all, we still must build the economy, put food on the table, attend schools, and so on. Inspired by this need, we decided to source top-class tools to help keep social distancing in the office to minimize the pandemic’s spread. Keep scrolling to find out which tool can be of service to your office environment. 

Package Room Management

Notifii Track is a one-of-a-kind cloud-based software. Generally aimed to cut the time spent executing a particular duty down to seconds. It is especially helpful in making package management incredibly effortless and timely. 

You’re probably wondering: how, then, does the package tracking software help promote social distancing in the office? Simple! 

Using Notifii to track incoming packages cuts down the time for doing so and minimizes physical contact in the process. To do so, you only need photos of the package recipient instead of their signatures. And let the software log all the necessary information to ensure the package is picked up or delivered in-house to the intended recipient. 

You’ll also like the email and notification reminder that signals the recipient upon the package arrival, scanning, and sign-out. This is overly essential, especially when an office assistant collects packages for a whole unit. However, you may want to be a bit creative with sending the notifications to promote social distancing further. Here’s a tip: set the package arrival notifications to send 2 hours after the package is scanned. This is to control foot traffic in the package room.

The best part is that Notifii Track has a downloadable app. Which functions across multiple devices and is extremely easy to use. Additionally, you can train your staff on using the system to log, upload data, send notifications, track packages, etc., in less than 30 minutes. 

Wearable Proximity Sensors

You’ve probably heard about the application of wearables technology in inpatient management and posture correction, right? Well, it’s time to explore how else they can be of benefit as far as keeping social distance in the office is concerned. 

Wearable proximity sensors are social distancing and exposure/contact monitors effective in the fight against COVID-19. The sensors are interconnected and able to exhibit the proximity degree between people in real-world environments. 

The sensing system is available in the form of lanyards or wrist bands. And can be used to signal a warning when the bearer is 6-feet closer to a co-worker wearing a similar device. Some even include the option for the wearer to push the “panic button,” alerting the management on their real-time status. 

The wearable proximity sensing system leverages an oscillating magnetic field. This is to overcome many barriers and weaknesses exhibit in Bluetooth-based proximity detection. As such, it can mark and signal any staff members who have been in close contact with an individual flagged as “at risk.”

Hot Desking System

Does your office use an open floor plan? If yes, then the chances are that your old furniture layout won’t be consistent with the need to keep social distancing anymore. The best way to realize that feat would be to use a desk booking system popularly known as hot desking. 

Hot desking is an office organization system whereby employees use a common workstation in an alternating manner. That is, workstations like cubicles and desks do not belong to one person; instead, employees use the hot desking system to “check-in” for available spaces and work interchangeably (at different times). 

So if you have employees working in shifts or staggered schedules, you can have them book their workstation in advance. You’ll also need an in-house team that runs the hot desking system to identify the available desks, i.e., those that are 6-feet apart from each other. 

They can then use the evidence-backed information to reserve seats for incoming staff members. What’s more, this also allows subordinates like janitors to conduct thorough cleaning and fumigation on recently occupied spaces.

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Visitor Management System

Reopening offices doesn’t apply to employees solo – visitors are also part of the equation. These could be clients, vendors, interview candidates, contractors, and more. A visitor management system (VMS) comes in handy in keeping everyone safe by collecting critical visitor information before they can enter your premises.

You can make this process frictionless by giving a list of critical arrival information that you expect your visitors to provide. Upon checking in, the VMS should automatically print out the visitor badge and notify you that your guest is on the premises. 

And the best part? There’s an option of sending direct notifications to your mobile phone through an SMS. That way, you’re guaranteed to get notified even if you aren’t near your desktop or computer.

Access Control System

Without an adept access control system, your employee and visitor management efforts may not bear fruits. Instead of restricting people from accessing your office, it’s better to put in place measures to ensure that only those not regarded as safety risk can enter the premises. 

You can integrate an access control system with other tools. Like visitor and employee management only to allow those who have successfully undergone a wellness check, registered, and have been approved to check-in. 

That way, you can rest assured that only healthy employees and visitors can access your offices. Giving you more dominion overcapacity and minimizing the spread of the virus through enhanced social distancing. Some plausible access control systems include Genetec, Kisi, and Openpath.

Returning to the Office is Possible with the Right Tech

As states continue to relax their COVID-19 restrictions, allowing most professionals to reopen offices. That doesn’t mean we throw social distancing off the window. The virus is still persistent. And without stringent measures within the office spaces, we could be in for a real problem. 

Luckily, you can leverage these technology solutions to streamline operations and workforce plus visitor management within your premises. In particular, Notifii Track does an excellent job in enhancing package management to ensure that employees don’t spend so much time physically gathering or logging in packages. 

If you’re interested in learning how this package tracking software can optimize your processes, schedule a demo to see Notifii Track live in action.

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