Manage the last mile safely and securely

Combining Notifii Lockers with Notifii Track empowers you to seamlessly log packages in and out, while also providing residents with the convenience of safety, security, and automated retrieval from our smart locker system.

See How It Works

Delivery innovation

Streamlining the entire package delivery process

Notifii’s parcel lockers combine modern software and hardware technologies to enable the most streamlined package delivery possible. Upon delivery, our software assigns an appropriately sized locker and a PIN for access. The PIN is automatically emailed and texted to the recipient who can pick it up from the locker 24/7/365.

One-stop management

One portal for everything

We keep things simple, allowing you to use one management portal to oversee the entire locker system. You get a comprehensive overview of both packages in the mailroom and packages in the lockers so you can easily manage locker inventory and package overflow.

Seamless integration

Combine the power of Notifii Track and Lockers

Instead of buying tracking software and lockers from two separate companies that attempt to work together through a clunky integration, Notifii offers a seamless integration between our Track Package Management app and our Notifii lockers. This provides a true end-to-end solution from package log-in, log-out, storage, management, and self-service pick-up.


Given the number of variations with each locker system, please contact us for a demo and customized quote.

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