Office Tech Roundup: 5 Front Desk Tools that Will Save Your Office Time and Money

Managing an office isn’t what it used to be – and that’s a good thing! Thanks to technology and advancements in automation, office managers are streamlining operations in multiple ways. The right tools and tech can help to save time and money by eliminating some of the most common frustrations, starting with the first line of defense – your front desk.

 We’ve rounded up some of the top front desk tools that can help your office save time, money, and frustration:

Package Tracking Software

With the ever-increasing number of packages flooding offices, the responsibility of receiving and delivering often falls on the shoulders of front desk personnel. Depending on your office size, it’s not always an easy process to manage. There’s always the risk of packages being misplaced or delivered to the wrong person, not to mention the issue of finding room to store packages until they’re picked up or delivered.

Package tracking software can make the process easier for the front desk. You can send instant notifications to recipients so they can come retrieve their packages. Plus, you can create easy to follow workflows and processes to help with storing, locating, and releasing packages to the rightful owner.


Customer Relationship Management software is becoming a standard tool in the office suite. CRM allows companies to track clients, conversations, and other data in a central information hub. But most importantly, it allows multiple users to access the same information at any given time.

CRM is now largely in the cloud, meaning users can access it from anywhere. You’re not saving information to single devices or servers, but rather to a single account. Users can get information via their mobile devices while out in the field or record data in real time. Information is updated instantly so that all users can access the same version of data at any given moment.

This is especially important for front desk personnel who need to find answers immediately to better serve your clients and fellow employees.

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Productivity App

Many offices have more than one person manning the front desk, which can create as many problems as it solves. Communication between personnel is key, especially when shift changes occur. This allows the incoming person to know what’s already been taken care of, tasks that still need to be done, and other information that can create a productive, efficient environment.

Productivity apps can help to bridge the gap between shifts and personnel at your front desk. Fo task-heavy jobs, you might consider a list-style tool like Asana that allows users to check off tasks as they’re completed. Or, project management tools like Hubspot or Airtable can show how much progress an employee has made so the next can pick up where they left off.

 This allows each worker to independently be as productive as possible and communicate clearly with other workers, even during busy shift changes.

Cloud-Based Phone System

The traditional business phone system has come a long way, especially as cloud technologies grow in sophistication.

A cloud-based business phone system offers features that are inherently more productive than traditional systems. For example, most cloud phone systems offer auto-attendant capabilities that can route calls to appropriate departments, which can reduce the reliance on your front desk acting as a middle man. Features like on-hold messaging, call routing, and advanced voice mail can also cut down on time your front desk people spend on phone calls and message delivery.

Visitor Tracking Software

When people enter and leave your facility, are they required to sign in or out? Many facilities adopt this policy for safety reasons, but it also increase the amount of work for the front desk person.  

Not only does your front desk have to keep track of who is in the facility at all times, but they may also have to print and issue badges, check IDs, or myriad other tasks that can create long lines and frustrated visitors.

Visitor tracking software helps to remove much of the manual work of granting access to visitors. Solutions like iLobby automate much of the process of checking visitors in and out to help free up time for your front desk personnel. Guests can sign themselves in while allowing you to collect the data you need to keep your facility safe. It also helps to provide a consistent initial experience so you never have to worry about making the wrong first impression.

How Will You Improve the Way You Work?

Technology is leading the charge when it comes to saving time and money, and its benefits can no longer be ignored. The entire landscape of the traditional office is changing, from how people work to when they work, and technology provides the clearest path to keep up with ever-evolving demands.

Notifii Track was designed to tackle modern mailroom problems with modern solutions. Our software allows facilities to send delivery notifications to users and track packages within your facility to avoid misplacement and ensure each package is delivered to the right person. Ready to learn more? Schedule a demo and chat with us today!