Give Your Community a Personal Connection

The days of placing an ad and waiting for residents to come pouring in are long gone.

Community managers today are facing unprecedented challenges, particularly when it comes to attracting and retaining residents. Retention can no longer be seen as a once-a-year event, nor can you be as dependent on basic amenities like a swimming pool and gym to fill your units.

Instead, communities are turning to technology to stay a few steps ahead of their competitors and provide a better experience to its residents.

Technology is playing an increasing role in our lives. Consumers expect it in just about every aspect of their day-to-day activities, and communities can contribute to the fluidity and immediacy that mobile technology brings by implementing a community-specific text message program.

These programs are designed to improve community communication and create a culture of engagement, safety, and desirability. Notifii’s Automated Messaging is contributing to this advancement via its Track and Connect services for residential communities.

Here’s how:

Notifii’s Automated Messaging Feature

Notifii Track and Notifii Connect put the power of text messaging into your hands, giving you a way to notify residents in seconds about important details or packages waiting for them in the front office.

Both services include the Automated Messaging feature that saves you time when sending targeted messaging to your residents. Just create your message once, then select how to use it to take a hands-free approach to keeping in touch.

For Notifii Track users, Automated Messaging can help you communicate package information to residents at scale. In case you haven’t seen Notifii Track in action, this program slashes the time it takes to log packages and notify residents from minutes to seconds. Residents will receive a text message from you when you accept a package on their behalf so they can come pick it up.

From move-in dates to birthday greetings, imagine how much time it would take you to text each resident individually about important dates! For Notifii Connect users, Automated Messaging saves time by creating messages for specific occasions or events one time and reusing them as needed. You can customize your message, fill in the required fields, then send at scale and avoid much of the manual labor.

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Benefits of Automation in a Text Message Program

Communication is directly related to tenant satisfaction. The better you can provide information when and where it’s needed, the more valuable you become to every resident you reach.

To be fair, text automation isn’t exactly new, but it’s still widely underutilized in residential communities. Many of those who do implement a text message program are still doing it the old-fashioned way, with a community manager texting residents by hand.

Automation simplifies the experience for both community leaders and tenants alike, offering an easy way to communicate in a fraction of the time. Your messages are created and sent more quickly, and the resulting timeliness ensures better service to your residents.

There’s also the added benefit of structuring your text message program. With automation, you can develop a strategy and know exactly which messages are going out when, track frequency and engagement, and get better insight into how effective your texting program is. Plus, you get the extra advantage of reviewing messages for flaws or inconsistencies before they go out.

How to Use Automated Messages to Improve Community Communication

For residential communities, automated text messaging can apply to a wide range of use cases.

Specifically, Notifii Track enables you to track and manage your tenants’ packages and alert them when you receive one. As packages arrive, you can scan each one using Notifii Track, which will automatically log the package and alert the resident without any extra manual effort. It also improves accountability for you and your team by tracking packages in the office to avoid loss or theft.

Improving community communication remains a top priority for residence managers, and text messaging is becoming a valuable tool to enable faster response. For example, some communities will use text messaging for important move-in or move-out date reminders, community-sponsored events, power outages, and maintenance appointments. If an emergency arises, such as a fire or active shooter, residents can be alerted in seconds via the texting platform so they can get to safety quickly.

Create Personal Experiences with Notifii!

Text messaging at its very core is about embracing personal, one-to-one connections. With growing interest in mobile technology, residential communities now have a way to create those conversations and provide memorable, valuable experiences to their tenants.

Are you giving your communities a personal experience? See Notifii in action today and discover how you can improve your connection to every resident!